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Advantages Of Felt Insoles Produced By Felt Suppliers

Most people's concept of felt is limited to warmth and warmth. In fact, wool fibers can also isolate the heat and make people feel cool, because wool fibers can adapt to the outside temperature and humidity, and absorb or emit it, so many felt suppliers use felt Made of felt insoles.

The warmth, breathability, softness and comfort of wool felt insoles are very good, and it can also ensure the dryness of the shoes. In general, wool felt insoles are usually made of pure sheep, customers can smell it when buying. And because the wool pad is relatively thick, it usually has to be about three centimeters, so it is recommended that you buy a small wool felt insole.

The felt insole is tightly organized and has small pores, which can be used as a good filter material.

Felt insoles have good wear resistance and can be used as polished materials.

The felt insole is elastic, so it is bonded by the principle of shrinking.

Felt insoles can be used separately after shrinking and bonding by density and size.

The felt insole has good adhesion performance and is not easy to loosen, and can be punched into parts of various shapes.

Felt insoles have good thermal insulation properties and can be used as special insoles for thermal insulation.

Because of these advantages, felt insoles produced by felt suppliers have been welcomed and loved by consumers in the market.

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