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Do You Know What Are The Characteristics Of Felt Bags From Felt Suppliers?

The felt bag made of wool by the felt supplier is very soft and very strong; the fiber has good elasticity, comfortable touch, and very good reduction. It is a very widely used felt product, because After the processed product is folded, the felt can immediately return to its original shape. After adding the fiber, the structure can be made more compact, and it can be integrated into one without special treatment, which is very convenient.

The felt bag can be used separately due to the difference in density and specification after the shrinking and bonding. Because the density of the felt is compact and the performance is stable, it can be used to stamp various felt parts; the felt has very good expansion and contraction Performance, so it can reach the specified length, and can also use fish leather rolling belt, papermaking pulp belt; the thermal insulation performance of the felt bag is very good, so it can be made into various sizes of felt insoles; in addition, felt The bag also has good moisture retention, and it has very good elasticity, so it can be used as a seal for car doors and windows, or as a seal for central doors and windows.

The Characteristics Of Felt Bags

Like industrial chemical fiber felts, color chemical fiber felts from felt suppliers are also very popular. Color felt bags are mainly made by mixing wool and fiber materials with colors. The earliest felt bags were all in the form of textiles, at that time it was mainly in the form of non-woven fabrics.

Industrial felt is very tightly organized and has relatively small pores. At the same time, in the manufacturing process, the thickness is not restricted as in the case of interwoven fabrics. It can be used as a relatively good filter material, and its wear resistance is very good. It can be used as The polished material has better stretchability of the felt, and can reach the specified length. The leather rolling belt and paper pulp suction belt can be used.

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