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How To Clean The Faux Fur Rug?

When the faux fur rug is accidentally soiled, it must be cleaned immediately, because the longer the stain stays, the more difficult it is to remove it. Next, the felt supplier will introduce how faux fur rug should be cleaned.

1. It must be washed by hand. Never use a washing machine to clean it.

2. Because this product is made of wool, it must not be used with bleach and fluorescent brightener. If it is used, it is best to choose a cleaning solution for wool.

the way of clean the faux fur rug

3. When cleaning, you must not rub it hard. You must use the soaking method and rub it gently with your hands. It is also important to remember that you cannot rub it with a washing board. If it is partly dirty, you can try to use a towel to dip a special detergent for  wool felt to gently clean the woolen surface. After the stain is cleaned, use the same method to dip in clean water.

4. After the faux fur rug is cleaned, use the method of kneading and removing water, do not twist it, and put it in a ventilated place to dry, and arrange its shape when it is still wet. In order to avoid wrinkles, You can also use a low temperature iron for a while.

5. Because the surface of wool is a layer of natural oil, when the faux fur rug is dirty, you can first use paper towels to dry the stain and then clean it up. You can also clean it with water and soap immediately to avoid the stain from expanding.

For more tips on the use and maintenance of faux fur rug products, welcome to pay attention to the website of Nangong Huizhong Felt Products Co..

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