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How To Identify The Quality Problems Of Industrial Wool Felt Products?

Nowadays, industrial wool felt products are used in all aspects of life, how to identify the quality of felt products? Let's take a look at Yifan Felt Products together? .

The characteristics and functions of felt

It is generally divided into pure felt and chemical fiber felt. Pure industrial wool felt is made of pure wool by bonding. Chemical fiber felt is made of wool and chemical fiber products. Due to the good elasticity of felt products, it is often used as shockproof and cushioning. The high density of the material is also the first of the filtration products. The heat insulation and wear resistance are strong. It is the best choice for insulation materials and polishing and polishing materials.

Distinction of different types of felt

The raw material of felt is pure natural wool. The direct method of identification is to rub off some wool from the felt and ignite it with fire. The wool wool smokes during the burning process and is accompanied by a bubbling state. The burning product has the smell of burning hair. After burning, the ash is black and brittle, without char. Observed from the surface, the pure felt feels soft and elastic, and the texture is fine and regular. Relatively speaking, chemical fiber felt is made of wool and chemical fiber, and its price is lower than pure felt. Its performance has the characteristics of pure felt insulation and softness. Chemical fiber felt can also use burning smell and ash to distinguish the proportion of its raw materials, from the feel to distinguish it can not afford static electricity as the top grade.

the way of choose industrial wool felt

Selection method and specification of felt

The default number of felt is T, and the density of felt is g/cm3. If the density is too large, it will lose its elasticity. Too small a density will reduce its wear resistance. For different uses, materials with different densities should be selected. The key to distinguishing between felt and general felt is to distinguish the density, thickness, glossiness, strength and elongation of wool. The felt number is composed of five numbers: product color + raw material category + variety + density + density. When ordering the felt, it should be numbered according to the standard and provide the required product area, thickness and drawings.

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