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The Use Of Industrial Wool Felt In The Polishing Industry Is Already Very Common

No matter in life or in production, there will be times when industrial wool felt is needed. It can be said that it is the wide application of wool felt that has brought great use to our production and life. Today we will mainly talk about the application of wool felt in industry and its role in the polishing process in industrial activities. In fact, wool felt can also be divided into two types: coiled wool wheel and pure wool wheel. So, how is it used in the polishing process?

Specially used for polishing or repairing different materials such as glass, metal, plastic, stone and jewelry. Industrial wool felt is a necessary wheel for glass polishing. It is used for the glass polishing process. The use of felt polishing wheels: mainly used for polishing glass products, medical equipment, precision instruments, wood, jewelry, stainless steel crafts, stainless steel plates. The characteristics of the felt wheel: the production process of the felt wheel is different from that of industrial flat felt. The shrinking time is long and the organization is tight, the pores are small. The wool felt is not limited by the warp and weft like the fabric. The thickness of the felt wheel is easy to grasp. The density can be produced according to the requirements. Good grinding performance. The characteristics of felt wheels are not available in every specification. For example, a strong felt wheel will lose its elasticity if its density is too large, and it will lose its wear resistance if its density is too low. The length and thickness of the wool will affect the characteristics. Can be ordered according to actual application. It is the polished * material for woodware, jewelry, glass, precision instruments, stainless steel crafts, and stainless steel plates.              

the way of choose industrial wool felt

So, you need to choose before use, how to choose industrial wool felt? Choose a moderate felt wheel according to the correct density of the thrown item, and choose the quality of the felt wheel according to the thrown item. * Polishing select products with fine wool quality and no impurities. Some felt wheels stamped with flat felt appear on the market. The density of the flat felt can not reach the polishing density, the length and thickness of the wool can not meet the requirements, and it is easy to damage the quality industrial wool felt of the thrown object.

The above is for you to introduce the application of wool felt in industrial polishing, as well as the characteristics and purchase of wool felt. I believe that the above detailed introduction will bring great convenience to your use. Of course, wool felt will also play its own role. The effective role of promoting the development of industry.

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