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What Are The Raw Materials Of The Wool Felt Factory

The felt cloth of the wool felt factory is made of natural wool. The main characteristics of the machine processing and bonding are as follows:

It is elastic and can be used as shock proof, sealing, lining and elastic steel needle cloth bottom felt material. It has good adhesive property and is not easy to loosen. It can be cut into parts of various shapes, with good heat insulation performance. It can be used as heat insulation material with compact structure and small pores, as filter material with good wear resistance, as well as as as polishing material. Felt cloth is elastic, so it is made by reduction of cashmere into adhesive principle.


Due to the stable density and density of the felt fabric produced by the wool felt factory, it can be used to press and produce various felt parts.The flexibility of the felt is good, reaching the specified length, and it can be used as leather roller belt and pulp suction belt. Felt has good thermal insulation, can be made into various specifications of felt insoles, with moisture retention and elasticity, can be made into car door and window sealing strips and central door and window sealing strips. It can be used to keep the bottom of oil barrel of oil suction ship clean mainly by felt. The machine parts are packed with felt, with high whiteness, good impact resistance, low noise, and the sound speed of musical instrument can be adjusted according to the size of felt.

The felt for calligraphy and painting is made of high-quality pure wool or fiber, which is suitable for calligraphy and painting. The product surface of  wool felt factory is flat, white, soft and elastic, which can set off rice paper, making calligraphy and painting lovers use the pen freely and feel comfortable. When there is a large amount of ink in the work, it will not run and has the function of supporting ink. Because wool can absorb water and ink, the felt cloth shows the good performance of dehydration and ink preservation to a large extent. Especially when painting traditional Chinese painting, it can brush fresh flowers very well, and the hand feeling of painting and calligraphy is affordable. It has the characteristics of complete grade, convenient and durable, and is the necessary auxiliary material for the four treasures.

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