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What Do You Know About Felt Wheels From Felt Suppliers?

Many people often wonder what the felt wheels produced by wool felt factories actually do. We will check on the Internet and find that many industries now use felt wheels.

For the purchase of felt wheels, some felt suppliers produce and process felt wheels at a price of about one yuan, but because many suppliers have geographical differences between each other, their prices will also be different, and the price will be ten. There are some ups and downs within the yuan. And there is a category of felt wheels used in industry, called industrial felt wheels, the use is also very large, so usually the price will be in the price range of three or four hundred yuan.

The felt wheel production and processing technology of wool felt factory is different from the industrial felt manufacturing process. The shrinking time is long and the organization is tight and the pores are small. It is not limited by the warp and weft like the fabric. The thickness of the product is very easy to grasp, and its density can be Production and processing according to requirements, good wear resistance.

felt wheels

Because the felt wheel has good elasticity, he has many uses, such as shockproof, sealing, padding and elastic silk felt materials. At the same time, his bonding performance is also very good, not easy to loosen, and can be stamped into various shapes of parts. It also has excellent thermal insulation properties, can be used as thermal insulation materials, compact structure, small pore size, can also be used as excellent filter materials. At the same time, the felt wheel has excellent wear resistance and can be made into a polishing material, so the felt wheel is widely used in many mechanical polishing industries.

Felt wheels from wool felt factories have many uses. Do you understand? For more product information on felt wheels, please pay attention to our website!

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