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Where Are The Flame Retardant Advantages Of Industrial Wool Felt Applied?

The vernacular meaning of flame retardant industrial wool felt is to prevent the burning of combustible materials. It is mainly used in public entertainment places such as hotels, KTV, hotels, etc. After decoration, it is clearly stipulated that flame retardant materials must be used during fire acceptance, mainly for fire protection Treatment means that if it catches fire, cover it with fire so that the fire will not spread. In addition to the flame-retardant felt used in special building walls, it is generally used as a seal in the transmission box of the spacecraft. Flame retardant felts are mainly used in automotive interior parts, air conditioner muffler and heat insulation accessories, household appliances, etc.

With the development of my country's industry, industrial wool felt products are more important for industry. It is an indispensable accessory in the industry and has a wide range of uses. It is comparable to non-general products! ! ! At present, the products are widely penetrated into various fields! Because it has good strength, good elasticity, good wear resistance, good heat retention, good sharpness and other unique characteristics, for example, the mechanical oil seal adopts wool felt roll oil seal performance*. The oven and freezer need to be sealed with flat felt to provide the best sealing performance. Due to the dense structure of the wool felt, the air is not easy to flow, the felt has the best thermal insulation performance, and the wool has excellent sharpness. The wool felt wheel is used to polish and polish the advanced product effect*, and the purification degree is filtered with the wool felt cylinder*. Wool felt is elastic and wear-resistant.

the way of choose industrial wool felt

The principle of felt flame retardant effect

 Wool felt must be fire-retardant to be flame retardant. Flame retardant felt is also known as industrial wool felt. Industrial wool felts can be divided into medium-thick industrial felts, color industrial felts, and civilian felts (civilized felt mattresses), suitable for student dormitory and army barracks. Full-wool pressing is an alternative to Tatami. It has the advantages of cold protection, cold insulation, reheating, and moisture resistance. Needle felt, stainless steel polishing felt, felt wheel, felt parts, industrial flat wool felt, wool felt insole, Pure wool painting and calligraphy felt, geotextile, fine white felt, semi-fine white felt, semi-thick white felt, felt products, wool felt wheel, color industrial felt, polished marble stainless steel felt, fluffy felt, civil felt, needle punched felt, chemical fiber felt , Chemical fiber non-woven fabrics, felt pads, felt strips, felt circles, machine felts and other special-shaped felts. The specific use of industrial wool felt: suitable for machinery, electromechanical, chemical, textile and other industries; such as aircraft, cars, trains, ships, tractors, diesel engines, motors, radio cassette recorders, video recorders, televisions, tapes, electric fans, Used in mechanical products such as refrigerators, telephones, typewriters, bicycles, pulverizers, polishing machines, textile cloth machines, etc., used for oil retention, oil sweeping, gun vibration, septa, sound insulation, voiceless, moisturizing, insulation, heat insulation , Filter polishing, etc., even used in enameled wire, magnetic materials, etc., and felts for musical instruments and medical equipment

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