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Do you know 100% wool felt?

  100% wool felt, moisture-proof function, can absorb one-third of its own weight, effectively reducing forest moisture and suppressing mold production.

  3 mm thick wool felt can be directly glued to the ceiling, easy to install. 1. When washing 100% wool felt, use cold water, not bleaching, nor washing with a washing machine, and hand washing will not damage the appearance; 2. When the 100% wool felt is cleaned, you can gently rub and wash with your hands. Don't use the washboard to scrub hard, and you can't use a brush. If it's only a little dirty, just use a special cleaner to clean the dirty part; After washing, do not tighten tightly, press the drain with your hands, and then arrange the shape to avoid wrinkles, hang it in a ventilated place to dry, and do not expose it to the sun. You can also use low temperature drying; to reduce pilling, you can use shampoo Essence and emollient are mixed and cleansed.


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