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Do you know how to clean up Faux Fur Rug

  Will Faux Fur Rug grow mites? yes. Mites like to hide in the deep layers of fibrous objects, such as carpets, mattresses, pillows, sofas, curtains and so on. According to the degree of pollution, there will be several mites in it, and mites like the humid environment. Therefore, keeping the home clean and dry is the key to prevent mites.

  Many people will find such a problem when cleaning carpets. Why does my carpet lose hair? Why didn't my carpet break before long? Why can't I get rid of the stain on my carpet? Use strong bleach to clean the stains left on the carpet.

  However, after the carpet comes into contact with strong bleach, it may produce chemical stains or fade. More seriously, the carpet may be corroded to wear. Therefore, even if it is absolutely necessary to clean the stains of carpet with strong bleaching water, dilute it with water as much as possible for reuse. Dry the carpet by sunlight

  Many people will put the washed carpet under the sun, thinking that it can be dried faster, or put the carpet under the sun to achieve sterilization effect. In fact, this is wrong. Generally, it is no problem to dry the carpet for 1-2 hours, but long-term exposure will make the carpet lose its original softness and color, which will undoubtedly do more harm than good. The best way to dry the carpet is to put it in a vent and dry it naturally, so as to minimize the damage to the carpet.

  When using Faux Fur Rug, many people will find that there is a thin layer of "floating hair" on the carpet surface, or the hair length of the carpet is different, so they think it is the carpet falling hair. In fact, "floating hair" is a common phenomenon in short fiber wool carpets, and the phenomenon that carpet hairs are of different lengths can be smoothed by hand in the same direction. Don't change the carpet blindly because it's lint.

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