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Do you know how to maintain Faux Fur Rug?

  How to protect Faux Fur Rug from light: Avoid strong direct sunlight as much as possible to prevent the carpet from aging and fading. Anti-fouling: Do not contaminate oil, acid, colored liquid, etc. during use. If pollution occurs, it should be wiped off with high-quality carpet cleaning paste immediately. Dust removal: Dust is easy to accumulate in the surface fiber of the carpet. It should be cleaned along the direction of the wool frequently. Do not use teeth or rough edges to avoid damage to the carpet surface.

  Precautions against down hair: If the carpet has down hair, wipe it with clean moistened hot water, comb it straight, and iron it with a wet cloth on an iron pad to restore the original shape. Put a concentrated point of pressure: In use, the legs touch the carpet out, should prevent the cushion or frequent replacement of furniture. Many parts with severe wear are not only protected by coverings, but also can be used in different positions.

  Carpeted rooms should be ventilated and moisture-proof to avoid moth-eaten and mildew on the carpet. If moth-eaten and corrosion are found on site, professionals should be asked to repair it.

  The carpet cleaning technique must first remember to remove dust and mites from time to time. Because dust accumulates in the carpet, it will wear the fiber and make the color of the carpet dark. In the hall, corridor (decoration renderings) and frequently moving places, you should vacuum two to three times a week. Effect picture) should also be vacuumed at least once a week. In addition, carpet is the favorite place for mites and bacteria. Frequent dust removal can effectively remove the eggs and bacteria hidden in the carpet fibers. This is better than cleaning the carpet frequently.

  There is also a timely removal of carpet stains. Removal of stains is another important part of Faux Fur Rug maintenance. The earlier the stain removal work is done, the better, and the better the results will be. If the treatment is carried out after a long time, the stains have penetrated into the fibrous tissue of the carpet, and the stains that could have been removed become difficult to remove.

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