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Do you know what is the best in Faux Fur Rug?

  The best of Faux Fur Rug is handmade silk carpets, with complex patterns, rich colors, high prices, and almost no sales in the market. The most common ones are our commonly used wool carpets, blended carpets, chemical fiber carpets, plastic carpets and so on. For most consumers, wool carpets are still more practical. The craftsmanship of woolen blankets is more complicated than other woolen blankets. The patterns are rich in colors and will not generate static electricity. It feels soft and delicate when stepped on. The feel of chemical fiber is worse than that of wool. There are more hotels in general, and it is cheaper to improve the hotel level.

  The quality of carpet products is mainly judged by inspection data, but also by some simple empirical selection methods. The following carpet tile will briefly talk about some distinguishing techniques.

  ⑴ Look at the appearance quality: When choosing a carpet, consumers should check whether the carpet surface is flat, whether the edge of the carpet is straight, whether there are defects, oil spots, and color differences, especially when buying tufted carpets, check whether the back of the carpet is off. Lining, glue seepage, etc., to prevent the carpet from bulging and inequality during laying and use, and losing the effect of comfort and beauty.

  ⑵Color fastness: Carpets with various colors, soft texture and beautiful appearance. When choosing a carpet, you can rub it several times with your hands or a test cloth on the surface of the carpet to see if there is any color on the hand or the test cloth. Discoloration and fading easily occur during use, which affects the aesthetic effect of the carpet during laying and use.

  Faux Fur Rug's blanket pile density: the blanket pile density is high, the blanket products are of good pile quality, and the blanket surface is dense. This kind of carpet has good elasticity, resistance to trampling, wear resistance, comfort and durability. Here to remind consumers not to choose carpet by choosing plush. The appearance is fluffy and beautiful, with high bulk density, easy to fall over, and easy to deform. This is a kind of carpet that is not resistant to being stepped on, easily loses the unique properties of the carpet, and is not durable.

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