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Faux Fur Rug,Felt SupplierFelt Suppliers Share What Are The Uses Of Industrial Wool Felt?

Flame retardant felt is also called industrial wool felt. The meaning of the felt is to prevent the burning of flammable materials. It is mainly used in public recreational clubs such as hotels, KTVs, hotels, etc. After the decoration design, the felt supplier reminds that there will be a clear stipulation that flame-retardant materials must be used during the fire protection inspection. The place.

Industrial wool felt is mainly used for fire protection, which means that if it catches fire, use it to cover the fire so that the fire will not spread. The felt supplier suggested that the felt is removed for special building wall applications, and is usually used as a gasket for the transmission box of the spacecraft.

Industrial wool felts can be divided into medium and coarse industrial felts, colored industrial felts, and civilian felts (civilian felt mattresses), which are suitable for bedding in student apartments and military barracks. Full-hair pressing is a substitute for Tatami, which has the advantages of cold resistance, cold insulation, heat return, and moisture resistance.

With the development of industry, industrial wool felt has become more critical in industry. It is an indispensable spare part in industry. It has a wide range of uses and is not comparable to ordinary products. At this stage, products are widely used in various industries! Because it has excellent strength, excellent elasticity, excellent wear resistance, excellent warmth retention, excellent sharpness and other unique characteristics, the felt supplier reminds that the mechanical oil seal chooses wool felt and has good oil sealing performance; , Freezers need to be sealed with flat felt with strong sealing performance.

Because the structure of industrial wool felt is dense and it is not easy to flow air, it is ideal to use felt to keep warm. Wool has very good sharpness. It is effective to use wool felt wheel to polish and polish high-grade products. The degree of filtration and purification with wool felt tube is good. Seat and cushion , Lining wool felt has elasticity and wear resistance.

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