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How To Avoid Waste When Wool Felt Factory Produces Felt?

In the production of wool felt factory, it is necessary to first open a large piece of raw wool into a loose small piece, and remove the sand and impurities in the wool fiber while opening. 

At the same time, should the waste of wool fibers be avoided? This requires that the feeding gap should be strictly in accordance with the requirements. If it is too large, the purpose of opening the film cannot be achieved. If it is too small, the fiber damage will be increased. The amount of fuel required should be appropriate. Generally, a fuel amount of 9% is more appropriate. While the moisture regain rate of the wool sheet is about 33%, the damage to the wool fiber is less. If the moisture regain is less than 30%, the fiber damage will increase. The storage time of the wool sheet oil, that is, the longer the stuffiness, the less fiber damage, but it should not be too long, generally 24 hours. 

wool felt factory

The raw wool that has been opened is relatively loose, and it is easy to dry after washing, which can ensure uniform drying and improve the effect of washing, so that wool felt factory can produce felt products of excellent quality.

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