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How To Use Felt Material

Felt is a kind of common tools industry, is made of wool, which use processing and glue them into a. Main feature is flexible, can be used as shock, seal, gasket and elastic steel wire needle felt cloth at the end of the material. Applied to all kinds of industrial machinery, vibration control, oil lubrication.

Felt out after finished product is also the existence of dark gray, that felt natural raw materials is the existence of this kind of color, but it is how to through the existence of the raw materials into a felt the existence of the finished product?

use felt material

After the nangongshan felt products co., LTD., in the city, we can learn first felt in production when using large wool used directly affect the quality of the carpet is the first large pieces of hairs become loose small pieces after opening, and the opening at the same time to remove hair fibers 15-30% of sandy soil in the impurities, opening of wool is loose, after scouring for drying, to ensure the subsequent drying in drying of felt more uniform; After opening the wool to comb hair, hair, and hair, creates the right conditions. After such a program, we can from the messy felt raw materials into high quality felt the existence of the finished product.

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