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Matters needing attention in the use of Faux Fur Rugde

  Families using Faux Fur Rug had better buy vacuum cleaners for regular cleaning. Especially, don't clean the carpet after it penetrates, as long as it is cleaned regularly, it is enough to use carpet detergent once a year. You can use dry foam cleaner with good brand reputation to do it yourself, or you can ask a professional cleaning company to help you. If you plan to do it yourself, you must go to class step by step, carefully follow the instructions, and absorb the carpet before using detergent.

  (1)Don't beat the carpet too wet, so as not to damage the tissues on the back and make the carpet very difficult to dry. If the humidity is too severe, the bottom may even start to rot.

  (2) Always change the position and use the carpet evenly. After several years, it is best to change the position to make it wear evenly. Once there are irregularities in some places, you should pat them gently, or use a steam iron or hot towel to press them gently.

  (3) Remove stains in time The stains on the carpet should be removed in time, but there must be correct ways to remove the stains. Here are several methods to remove the common stains on the carpet: edible oil stains: remove them with volatile solvents such as gasoline or carbon tetrachloride, and clean the remaining parts with alcohol. Soy sauce stains: New stains can be removed by brushing with cold water and then washing with detergent. Old stains can be scrubbed with warm water, detergent and ammonia water, and then rinsed with clear water. Oil stains on shoes: Wipe them off with gasoline, turpentine or alcohol, and then wash them with soap.

  Urine stains: New stains can be washed away with warm water or 10% ammonia solution. First, clean the old dirt with detergent, then clean it with ammonia water and clean Faux Fur Rug with citric acid. Juice stains: rinse with 5% ammonia water first, and then use detergent. However, ammonia is harmful to carpet fiber, so it should be used as little as possible. Citric acid or soap or alcohol can be used for cleaning. Ice cream stains: wipe with gasoline.

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