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Do you like such artificial fur carpets

  Faux Fur Rug has a soft hand feel, good elasticity, bright color, thick texture, static resistance, and resistance to aging and fading. To

  Many families will choose Faux Fur Rug as the decoration when they have a sufficient budget. To

  But its shortcomings of insect resistance, antibacterial, and moisture-proof require us to pay attention to maintenance in our daily lives.

  Faux Fur Rug can also adjust the indoor dry humidity and has a certain flame retardancy. To

  According to the different production processes, pure wool carpets are divided into three types: weaving, woven and non-woven. To

  Hand-made carpets are more expensive, while woven carpets are relatively cheap. Non-woven carpets are relatively new varieties, with features such as noise reduction, dust suppression, and ease of use. To

  Because the price of Faux Fur Rug is relatively high and it is prone to mold or moth-eaten, households generally choose small pieces of Faux Fur Rug for partial paving.

  The high-quality Faux Fur Rug has good sound absorption ability and can reduce all kinds of noise. To

  The thermal conductivity of wool fibers is low, and it is not easy to dissipate heat. To

  In addition, the high-quality Faux Fur Rug can also adjust the indoor dryness and wetness, and has a certain fire resistance performance. To

  Moreover, the low-quality Faux Fur Rug has little or no sound absorption, and is easy to dissipate heat, mold or be eaten by insects. To

  Small blankets are generally used to pave the way for the family.

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