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Performance And Specifications Of Industrial Wool Felt From Felt Supplier

Performance of industrial wool felt:

Most felts are made of natural wool, and some products are made of other animal hair. It is formed by using the cashmere characteristics of wool without interlacing warp and weft without changing the chemical properties of wool. The main features are as follows:

1. With elasticity, it can be used as anti-vibration, sealing, gasket and elastic wire card clothing bottom felt material.

Felt Supplier

2. Due to the good felting performance and not easy to loosen, it can be cut into various shapes of parts.

3. Because the industrial wool felt of the felt supplier has good insulation performance, it can be used as an insulation material.

4. The structure is compact, the pores are small, and the thickness is not restricted by the interweaving in the manufacturing process, and can be used as a good filter material.

5. Good wear resistance, can be used as polishing material.

Industrial wool felt specifications:

When ordering felt, according to the standard category name of the part, only the required product number is required, and specifications such as thickness, length and width are also required. If you need to dye, you need to request the color at the same time.

1. The technical number of the felt is composed of five numbers. The first number represents the color of the product, the second number represents the classification of the material used, the third number represents the specification of the product variety, and the fourth and fifth numbers represent The density of the product, "T" stands for special feeling.

2. When ordering industrial wool felt and felt parts, the felt supplier only needs to put forward the required product number according to the naming number of the standard category of the part, and provide the drawing information of the part. Under normal circumstances, the allowable deviation of the part size should conform to the part standard.

3. If there are special requirements for a certain technical condition index in the use of individual products, it can be separately proposed when ordering, and the two parties negotiated to resolve it.

Instructions for use:

Ordinary industrial wool felt: Most of the raw materials used are recycled wool. This product is suitable for filling, heat preservation, heat insulation and other places, and the price is low.

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