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Precautions for the production of 100% wool felt

  For 100% wool felt, the tools needed are wool, poke needles, and foam pads. If you are a novice, you can buy a finger cot to prevent your hands from being pricked. If you are often making small animals, you will often use the eyes and nose, then you need to buy wool felt accessories, such as animal eyes, noses, etc., and an awl is needed to poke holes in the wool felt to install the accessories Go in, and prepare a small can of alcohol glue, adhesive accessories and wool felt.

  100% wool felt can be made in two ways, one is the poke method, and the other is the wet felt method. The wet felt method is a bit more troublesome. In addition to the tools and the poke method are not the same, a bowl of soapy water must be placed next to it. It will take a day or so to wait for it to be done. If you want to know more about it, you can also go to the b site to search for the wet felt tutorial, or go to Taobao to ask customer service.

  100% wool felt can be perpendicular to the operating pad as much as possible when poking the needle, otherwise it is easy to break the needle; wool felt is hand-made for shaping, unless it is a flocking type, the wool must be pierced so that the wool can be easily shaped The final finished product will look good; the flying hair on the surface of the wool can be trimmed off with scissors, or you can buy a thinner star needle, and finish the surface after finishing the wool felt; don’t be impatient to poke the wool felt, any hand-made is one The gradual human process cannot be accomplished overnight.

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