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Faux Fur Rug,Wool Felt FactorThe Felt Supplier Tells You How To Apply The Felt Pad Correctly?

Felt pads have a relatively good airtight function. It is mainly used in the front and rear parts of the crankshaft of diesel engines. If we improperly operate during the application process, the airtight function will be lost, resulting in oil leakage. To ensure airtight performance, the application should:

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1. According to the tightness of the airtight location, select felt pads with specifications and thicknesses that meet the requirements to ensure the tightness of the airtight device. If the installation is too tight, the felt elasticity will decrease, overheating and initial damage; if the installation is too loose, it will cause oil leakage. Therefore, the felt must have a moderate pre-tightening force when installing. Generally, according to the type of felt, the natural thickness of the felt strip should be 1/4-1/3 larger than the size when fixed in the airtight device.

2. The felt pad must be soaked with engine oil before installation. If the felt installed in the rotating position is not immersed in oil, when the machine just starts to run, the felt and the rotating journal will cause high temperature due to dry friction, which will cause the initial elasticity of the contact surface to be invalid, and the felt will lose its airtightness, resulting in a closed position If the oil leakage is serious, it cannot work normally.

3. Strengthen maintenance. The felt supplier reminds that the airtight condition of the felt pad is often checked. If oil leakage or damage is found, the felt should be replaced in time. Check and repair the removed felt. If it loses its elasticity, it should also be replaced.

The felt supplier tells us that we must do the above three points in our daily application, so as to ensure that we will not have problems in the application process and better play the function of the felt pad.

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