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This is merino wool felt

Merino wool felt was originally produced in Spain, and was later introduced into Australia due to its geographical location, climate, vegetation and other inherent advantages. After several generations of efforts, it has been reproduced and developed continuously in Australia.

   Simply put, the wool produced by Merino sheep is called Merino wool, but there are still certain requirements on the parameters. For example, the wool top needs to be above 70S top, which will be discussed later. Because merino wool is relatively fine, Uniqlo often makes some thin merinos. Therefore, the general impression must be that thin merinos made of ultra-fine wool are merinos. In fact, it is not. Merino wool is more suitable for thinner sweaters.

The thickness of the wool yarn is mainly affected by two factors, one is the thickness of the wool top itself, and the other is the most important, most critical, and almost decisive factor is spinning (for the spinning process, I will write another article later Bar), that is, the process of spinning from wool into wool yarn. Wool of the same thickness, such as 80S merino wool, can be spun into 26, 36, 48, 60, etc. wool yarns of different thicknesses. In fact, the count is not used to measure the thickness, but it can also be used to compare the thickness. I will talk about the count later.

So change the stereotype, merino wool felt is a kind of wool, which is thinner than ordinary wool, but it does not mean that the thinner is merino, and the thicker can also be merino. Of course It doesn’t mean that the thin model must be Merino, because the inspection report of wool yarn cannot detect whether it is Merino wool. It can only be judged by raw material, wool top data and origin. This is for ordinary consumers. It’s difficult to judge, PO a test report of Merino wool for your reference.

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