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Top wool felt produced by Wool Felt Factory

  The exquisite details produced by the wool felt factory are of high quality, the treasures of the study room are beautiful, the natural wool painting and calligraphy felt is healthy,   environmentally friendly, moderately thick, beautiful and atmospheric, and the details of the blank holder design are delicate and meticulous, not easy to deform and more durable   Ink-supporting and ink-absorbing study room is accompanied by good ink-absorbing and ink-supporting effect, which is fine and compact, tough and wear-resistant, and has excellent texture   The felt color is soft, pure and natural   Wool material, protein fiber, no chemical fiber, natural, pure, tough, durable, soft, lint-free, not easy to pilling, and even and flat felt surface   Painting and calligraphy felt can be used repeatedly without cleaning. If slight pilling occurs on the surface due to friction after a long time of use, it is only necessary to clean the hair ball and restore the felt surface to be flat.   1. Different materials: Some painting and calligraphy blankets are made of pure wool. This pure wool painting and calligraphy felt is divided into domestic wool of first-class painting and calligraphy felt and imported wool of super painting and calligraphy felt. Some felts are made of chemical fiber, which is called chemical fiber painting and calligraphy felt. Other felt materials are the mixture of wool and chemical fiber, which is called blended painting and calligraphy felt.   2. Different production processes: Some painting and calligraphy felts are wrapped with dense cloth, but only high-end felts are treated like this. Others just do edge sealing with thread, and only do edge stitching treatment. Some have not been processed, that is, the state after direct cutting.

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