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What to pay attention to for 100% wool felt

     100% wool felt can choose the wool felt material package. In fact, the quality of the material package in the store is similar. Just start playing and buy what you like, and it is not very complicated. It is mainly simple in shape, such as round, square, Rectangle etc.;

  Start from the most basic shapes, such as spheres, ellipsoids, cones, cubes, cuboids, cylinders, etc. In fact, all the handwork you observe are the most basic shapes stitched together. When you put these When the shapes are proficient, other complex shapes are just superposition and deformation of these, just like sketching. It is not recommended to make complicated patterns as soon as you first come up, and you will rarely get started from the beginning;

  When poking the needle, try to be perpendicular to the operating pad, otherwise the needle will break easily;

  100% wool felt is hand-made for shaping. Unless it is a flocking type, the wool must be pierced firmly, so that the wool can be easily shaped and the finished product will look good;

  The flying hair on the surface of 100% wool felt can be trimmed off with scissors, or you can buy a thinner star needle to finish the surface after finishing the wool felt;

  Don't be anxious to poke wool felt, any hand-made is a gradual human process, and it cannot be done overnight.

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