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Felt market management

Foreign trade elite--Manager luke and supervisor Linda,  has in the foreign trade industry for many years, is familiar with all aspects of knowledge of felt, has rich market research experience and methods, has unique insights and opinions on the felt market and customers, and can be based on customers need to provide targeted solutions, as well as quality services. The two people forces to create the best felt brand.

Felt business negotiation

In the aspect of negotiating business, our team has a number of senior foreign trade salesmen who have a good understanding of the company's felt products as a whole, and also have their own experience in the negotiation method, mainly responsible for negotiating customers and solving after-sales problems. There are also some new foreign trade members who continue to join, although the experience is still relatively lacking, but I believe that we will continue to make progress under our efforts and learning.

Felt factory personnel

Since the establishment of the felt factory, there have been more than 500 people, and there are currently five responsible persons. They have rich experience in the production of felts and the quality of goods.


126-Jianhua Street,ShiJiaZhuang,Hebei,China

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